Thursday, December 6, 2007

* Triumphs and tradgedies


Know what I just discovered ? Apparently, it's official, the world really has gone to hell in a hand basket ! I had no idea. I've just been puttering along, doing my own thing, dealing with my trivial little personal crisis' on occasion, completely oblivious to the state of the planet and all the other inhabitants. Who would've thought that the state of the earth had reached such a crescendo of horror?

It's like every freakin' looney bin in the world gave all the patients a day pass at one time !!
People running around shooting and stabbing each other willy-nilly, people plowing into each other in cars, and then, driving around town with bodies stuck in their windshields? God's wrath being poured out on humanity in a dozen different places at once, and Keifer Southerlin is going to jail ? What the HELL are people thinking? Don't they know that it's Christmas time?

And if that's not crazy enough, in the midst of all this insanity, there are actually people who WANT to be the president of this country!?! Have they never seen the before and after photos of people who have had that job in the past ?

Note to Self: Never read the internet news headlines !

Especially, not before I blog. Suddenly, anything that I have to say seems completely insignificant. Oh my God, I think, that my brain is going to explode. I guess, every once in a while, I need to remind myself why I chose to live my life "out of the loop." I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a news person somewhere like CNN. There wouldn't be enough anti-depressants in the WORLD !!

Okay, I need to breathe deeply, and regroup.

Alright. As I mentioned before, my life has been pretty much puttering right along. Over this past week, things have fallen into a manageable rhythm. School work, house work, walk the dogs, do the dinner time thing, catch up on what ever still needs done. I know that it all seems pretty mundane, but the fact that it all contributes to the happiness and security of the people that I love, gives me happiness and satisfaction. I know that sounds corny, but it's true - my little world may have its moments of crisis and chaos, but it's all pretty simple and straight -forward. I think that's a good thing.

It looks like my oldest son will be staying here at home for a while longer. He went to return to ARC and discovered that his case manager hasn't even been notified of his dismissal, so he can't be re-admitted until they speak to her. He called her today, and if they were unable make contact with her before 5pm, then she will be out of town for the next week. ( I'm not holding my breath that they will suddenly see this as a priority) I'm sort of secretly wondering if they can stay tangled up in their red tape until after Christmas ? It would be nice to have him home, but I still worry if that would be best for HIM. I think I'll leave that for God to figure out, and do my best not to be disappointed either way.

Here on the prairie, the weather has been cool and crisp with occasional cold, blustery days. Today was one of those days when we dropped down to freezing, and the wind chill was close to 19 degrees. (-7.2C) I love all the seasons, but I tend to dislike being out and about in temperatures that are either above 90 (32C) or below freezing. (I know, I'm such a spoiled little princess) However, I've decided to challenge myself on this, and I make it a point to TRY to get the dogs out for at least one mile, every day. (unless it is dangerously cold or hot) So I bundled up, and off we went.

I really am so proud of the way my dogs are learning to behave themselves. They used to be all over the place, pulling and tugging, and spazzing out over every little thing. (especially strangers and other dogs.) But lately, when I see a kid on a skateboard, a jogger, or another dog walker, I try to see it as an opportunity for them to improve, and learn to deal with the world, without freaking out. Of course, with 5 dogs - all of them with very different personalities -it takes alot of patience and consistency, but they are ALL improving.
Today, as I was walking Peter and Midnight along the path, we encountered several people and situations that they handled fairly well. Just as my confidence was starting to build, we came to a section of the path that is always a challenge. Part of the walking trail is right behind a veterinarian's office. And my dogs noses always want to lead me every which way, as they go sniffing after all the other dogs smells that have been left around that area when the dogs are exercised. Well, this afternoon, we arrived during exercise time ! As we came around the corner, I spied a vet tech walking a large German Shepard. Naturally, I prefer challenges to be on a smaller scale. But, instead of turning back, we kept walking, and I started praying. Just as Pete and Midnight noticed the other dog, the vet tech took it inside the office. I let out a big sigh and relaxed. We traveled on, and just as we were passing the door to the vet's office, the door opens again; and out steps the vet tech with a male Rottweiler, almost twice as big as the German Sheppard !! I didn't even have time to react, and it took me almost 3 full minutes to actually realise that my boys had behaved like perfect gentlemen !!! I KNOW that they saw the other dog, but they just kept walking !!! YAY !!! Either my dogs are smarter than they look, or they are finally starting to learn something.

On the other hand, I'm starting to get concerned about Phoenix, the other puppy, who at 10 months old, is turning into more of a rebellious, boundary-pushing teenager. If he were human, he'd be in juvenile detention. I adore him, but I have always suspected that he was one that needed to be watched. From day one, I could sense a dominate streak in him. He has always been gentle here at home, but either he is starting to display dominance issues with other dogs, or he has a very warped sense of humor. Whenever we are out, and come across another dog, he starts barking, his fur goes up, and he tries to rip my arm off to get at them. But since he doesn't seem to have the confidence needed to to kick some serious doggie butt, he immediately dashes behind ME for protection !!! It's like he's saying "Okay Mom. I got things stirred up, now you take it from here." This is not a situation that I'd like to be in if he decides to pick on a dog bigger than him - or bigger than me ! Usually, I ask myself, "Hmmm... what would cesar do?" I'm not even sure that I want to know what Cesar would do in this situation.

Well, it's getting late, and I think that I've settled down enough that the "news" won't give me nightmares, so I need to get my self to bed.

Have a great Thursday / Friday !


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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the pups are falling into lock step with the program!! If only people were that easily trained.

As for the headlines, they've been depressing and vile in recent days. 'm not certain I would call it the wraith of god though, maybe the unleashing of hell's gates. I still like thinking most people are honest and decent though, and most people aren't heard of in the headlines!

Hopefully, ,tomorrow will bring us all some good news, until then love and live large!

-C (

Betty said...

the news is always depressing. truly horrid and it can also make me feel like I'm ashamed to be on this planet with some of the evil things that take place.
But really - we've got to knuckle down and do the best job we can with our own small clan.
that gives me joy most of the time! :)

I can't imagine taking 5 dogs out for a walk. I can barely manage 3 children in a shopping mall.

I love christmas but it's giving me a headache already.

take care and have a great sleep,
love mel