Wednesday, December 26, 2007

* I Surrender !

Hi there,

Well, I give up. All my ridiculously absurd plans for the domestic rehabilitation of my private asylum, that is sometimes referred to as 'our home', hit a huge snag this morning. A huge snag called : Life. Imagine that ?! I tried my best. I really did. There's just no point. I've spent the past 6 hours making phone calls, transporting children hither and yon, and rushing around trying to pay a few bills that I put off until after Christmas - just in case. Therefore, my house currently is, and will probably remain, a state of of chaos until the end of the week -maybe longer - who knows? Not me, that's for sure.

So. . . I have parked my frustrated butt in the computer chair, and I am doing my best to ignore the insanity of my children. By the way, Did you know that, according to my children, Santa is no longer allowed to merrily chuckle "Ho-Ho-Ho!", due to the political incorrectness of implied referral to women of questionable conduct? Whoever is in charge of these things, has decided that it's just not wholesome for Santa to be exclaiming such things in malls, at parties, and from the roof tops. Therefore, Santa is now required to substitute the phrase "Ha-Ha-Ha!" How retarded is that ?! Is the word "ho" really going to become a permanent part of our language? If Oprah can outlaw the N-word, can't she do something to help out Santa ?

You know what else ? It's snowing !! Again. I know, after a couple of weeks, it starts to loose it's magical effect. But it's still makin' me happy :) And of course, the dogs never grow tired of it. My only complaint, is that when they go out to frolic and play, and they come in looking like snow puppies, they still smell like wet dog when the snowflakes on their fur start to melt :( That's okay. I still love them. Roy can smell pretty bad when he comes home from work sometimes too. I should have bought stock in Febreeze.

I'm not going to make it up to see Nick tonight:( I've got a house full of kids and Roy is still at work. He started out thinking that he was going to have a slow day, but the calls have been coming in and he's stayed busy. That's a good thing.

Oh crap! Roy just pulled into the drive. I've been caught slacking on the job. I better get off my butt and go rattle some pots and pans.

Later. . .

2 howled back:

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Enjoy the chaos, even if it lasts into next year. At least that’s my philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Chaos combined with the unexpected...what a divine combination! Just what you strive to thrive in isn't it?

Hope our sprint into the new year is as much entertainment as the past year ahs been; happy holidays to continue!