Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last weekend of the 2007


I've created a monster ! A couple of weeks ago, I started playing Scrabble with Roy, on Face book. I started playing with Mel. (she kicked my butt on the last game.) I asked the kids if they would want to play with me, but noooooo. . . They're way too busy to play with mom. So I talked Roy into playing. He would play his turn in the morning, before work, and I would play sometime during the day. But when we're home together, like on the weekends. . . he turns into some kind of Scrabble Nazi !

"Honey, I played my word. Play your word, Okay ?"
I tell him, " Okay, I'll do it when I check my mail"
Ten minutes later, "Honey did you play your word yet ? I need you to play your word."
So I drop everything, and play my word.
Ten minutes later, "Honey, I played my word. Play your word now, Okay ?"

This goes on all day and into the night. Roy and I now have two games going at the same time. And somehow, he managed to get Jake and Heather to play too. (sure. . .they'll play with Dad, but not ME.) I'm not complaining, it's fun. At least I can finally put my Face book account to good use. I'm just used to having more time to think out my moves. Maybe, he's trying to rush me so he can win ?

Anyway, It's been a pretty good weekend around here. Roy took the kids sledding on Saturday. Then, Heather and I went to Borders (bookstore) so she could spend some of her Christmas money. Heather has never been very fond of reading. But since she has gotten interested in Anime, and she discovered that Borders has a huge manga section, she's suddenly spending every penny on books. In fact, a Borders book card was #1 on her Christmas list. She could gobble up 2 or 3 books a day - if she could afford it. Of course, they are all written in a comic book type of format, but reading is reading. Besides, Roy has very little interest in reading, and I could spend days wandering around in a bookstore, so hanging out at Borders has sort of become a mother/daughter activity.

I got to go to church this morning !! wooohoooo! Since I wasn't able to get to see Nick on Wednesday night, we went to services and lunch at the Salvation Army so we could spend a little time with him this morning. Of course, the kids weren't thrilled about it. Church at the Downtown Salvation Army isn't exactly the kind of "Church" that they're used to. The ARC has about 140 men, and on Sunday morning, they serve lunch to the homeless people who come to church services. Aside from getting to see Nick, I sort of thought that it might be good for Jake and Heather to see what kind of ministry their brother is doing for others. (and Nick really loves doing that kind of work) My kids moan and groan about how "miserable" their lives are - they have no idea what it's like to not have a home, or to have to carry all your worldly belongings around in a paper sack. On the way home, we passed a group of men that were living under a highway overpass bridge who were warming themselves over a sewer steam vent. But they were so busy with their Ipod and cell phone, I don't think it made much of an impression.
This evening, Jacob went to a New Year's eve - eve party with his regular church youth group. They are doing a lock in at Bump city. Bump City is like a McDonalds play land for teenagers. They have rock wall climbing, big screen T.V.s with Xbox and Wii hooked up to them, in-ground trampolines, ziplines, dodgeball, movies, music, mazes, rope swings, pizza - the works. You would think that such an obvious contrast between the two worlds would have some kind of impact on him. But I don't think he really gets it. It maybe just a bit much for a teen to get their minds around.

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do about Church in 2008. We have only been to church a few times since VBS in June. I'd really like to go back, but it just seems like every time I do, I get so overwhelmed with "stuff," that the whole point gets lost. I really want to be involved, and use whatever talents I might have to serve. . . But I end up spending EVERY Sunday teaching the little ones, doing ALL the crafts, decorations, props, and scenery for EVERY event, plus clean team once a month, plus all the murals for all the classrooms and offices. And the thing is, they know how much I do, so their solution is to pressure me to go to all the women's Bible studies, and prayer meetings, and retreats so that "my tank doesn't run low - spiritually." Uh. . . . there aren't enough hours in the day ! As much as I love the people - it's too much. And here is the really stupid part. Every time we have gone to a new church, I sit there in service thinking about all the areas where I could be useful ! So it's possible that it just might be ME. Ya think ?

Well, it's getting late and I have to go have lab work done tomorrow morning. I'm not supposed to eat anything after midnight, and if I stay up, I'll eventually end up eating - just because that's what I do. So I better get myself to bed.

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year !!!!
love ya,

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Anonymous said...

you know I am the same. I go to meetings for the scouts or the kid's school stuff and I sit there telling myself no way do I want to be on a committee but sure enough - I end up being on one with all these fancy ideas and great fundraising tips.

I'm glad you got to see Nick. Was he good??

I have a feeling you are going to kick my butt in this next scrabble game and tell Roy it IS addictive! I have six games going and I can't get enough :)

take care!
love melx

Anonymous said...

I truly detest "myspace' and "facebook" and would banish both out of existence if at all in my power. Luckily, for them it's not in my scope of authority to police the internet and zap sites I don't like! I have to admit the scrabble phenomena is one of the better features of facebook though as most of the kids are involved in it and so is Scott... maybe one of his better internet endeavors actually; I still prefer the real game on the board in the living room with teams myself... I'm a tad bit old fashioned I suppose.

I'm also not a huge Salvation Army fan; like too many large organizations it seems that there's a lot of waste in their administration of worthwhile programs. I do have to admire a number of their programs where they actually execute them though and the shelter and rehab programs are among two of their best programs in my opinion. I do hope that this program has benefits that help Nick get back on his feet soon.

As for Church, you must learn to say "NO!" and when that fails try "HELL NO!" It amazes me that an organization composed of so many has its very function driven by so very few...and it makes no difference where you go, or what denomination you attend.

Well, I've ranted here too long... gotta grab a shower and get myself motivated for the Monday at hand.


Auburn haired artist said...

True, Over the years Roy and I have been members of probably 4 different churches, and no matter how large or small, it's always the same 10% of the congregation that does 90% of the work. Only once have I been in the majority and I was bored out of my mind. I just have to figure a way to be a more balanced person and that probably applies to other areas of my life as well. Maybe I'm being sexist, but I think that's alot harder for women (especially mom-type women) than men. I should put that on my list of resolutions that I never seem to stick to !