Friday, January 25, 2008


I am losing my mind. Fortunately, I don't really need one for my job. I've spent the whole week dealing with sick people, and frustrated dogs. I really need a night out. No, I need a weekend getaway. Possibly a vacation ? Maybe, I'll just change my name and run away.

Heather started the whole thing. Sunday night, she came down with some kind of weird stomach virus. Roy started feeling sick on Tuesday. Nick got sick on Wednesday. And today, Jake came home from school with a fever. I have no idea what it is, but it seems to effect everyone a little differently. I've handed out so many pills, I'm starting to feel like a dope dealer. I've actually had to keep a chart of who had what, and when they need more. The catch phrase for the week has been, "Go lay down before someone gets hurt." I've got people sleeping everywhere, at all hours of the day and night. Just once, I'd like to cook a meal that someone doesn't regurgitate.

And of course, all this had to happen the week that Princess has gone into heat. On top of the usual chaos, I've got three, brain damaged, male dogs running around acting stupid. For the past four days, I have had Princess confined to the family room downstairs. Of course it's pretty much useless - they know. The boys don't eat, they don't sleep, all they do is whimper, cry, and shake pathetically. All three of them sound like they have a squeaky toy stuck in their throat. Even if I could escape the "pediatric sick ward", with temperatures in the teens, I can't take them outside long enough to run off their excess energy. I've found a clinic that will neuter them at a reduced cost, but until things pick up for Roy at work, it will have to wait. So, for now, we're all stuck here in the loony bin together.

Well, I'm really tired. I need to make sure that everyone has what they need for the night, then get my self tucked in as well. I just wanted to let y'all know that I haven't disappeared - at least not yet.

Good night.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of what sounds like a Norwalk retro-virus . The good side is typically it only lasts about 3 days max, although the fatigue lasts a few days more. They'll all recover soon, and hopefully the fates will have mercy upon you and not inflict its torment upon your body.

It sounds like it may be time to get princess to the vet to spare a bit of the insanity that she inflicts upon occassion!!

Well, I'm off to work, hope to hear more soon!


Anonymous said...

oh gosh girl, you've had it from everywhere!

I wish there was some place warm and sunny and fun we could put you so you could have a vacation! you need a break so bad - I'm sending you hugs.

love mel