Friday, January 4, 2008

* Wednesday Woes

Post from Wednesday January 2, 2008 5:30PM

Hey y'all,

Well, so far, 2008 isn't exactly off to a good start. At least, not for me anyway. Yesterday, we were having issues with the phone, off and on, all day.This morning, I woke up to no phone and no internet. ( y'all know how much I love the cable company, right?)
From the day they hooked us up, it's been one issue after another. We have one local company that provides cable T.V., digital phone, and Internet. I think that
they may have stretched themselves a bit thin because,
it's rare that all three work at the same time !

After I chatting with a customer service rep, in Louisiana! I wasn't the least bit surprised that they had no idea whatthe problem might be. However, they were kind enough to set up an appointment for a service tech to come out and have a look at the situation -- ON FRIDAY !! ( Is he driving up from Louisiana !?! ) The phone started working on it's own this afternoon, but so far, no luck with the internet. So I sit here this evening, typing this on Word until Comcast either figures out which one of their lines are crossed, or they send some one out.

I used Heather's new cell phone to read a few blogs this afternoon and to check my email, but I almost went blind trying to punch all those teeny - tiny bottons. I know that teenagers think those things are so Cool, but I haven't the time, patience, or fingers they require.

Yesterday, I called Jasmin and asked her if she would keep her eyes peeled for a house out by where she lives, so that I can be closer to both her, and my mom. (and of course, my grand kids.) Oh my gosh, you would have thought that those words were spoken from a burning bush ! That girl is ON the situation ! She's emailing me photos, and texting phone numbers, at the speed of light! (With one of those tiny cell phone thingies no less !!) Of course I haven't been able to axcess any of them, but when I checked my mailbox, there were a ton of messages from her.

Bonner Springs, Kansas isn't as close to Roy's work as the other houses that we were looking at, but it's 15 miles closer than where we are now. So it's a compromise, but wth gas prices like they are, even 15 miles closer, will make a noticeable difference.

Okay, this is the new scoop on Nick. This afternoon, he came to me and presented "HIS PLAN". Sorry, but I couldn't help rolling my eyes. Nick, wants to go back to work as a brick layer working for his old employer. (which, in and of it's self, is fine - He's good at it, and the pay is good.) Except, those crews travel from city to city, and they could be on the other side of the country by now - in fact, it's likely that they are. And I'm sure that is what attracts Nick to this idea.

So basically,
he has decided to just ignore the whole situation with the courts, and go on with his life, doing what he wants. He knows that eventually, the courts will catch up with him, and he'll have to serve his time, but he would rather it happen later, rather than sooner. So when I pointed out to him that when they catch up to him - and they will - the effects that it will have on his life
will almost certainly be worse then, than they will be now. His response:
"I can't sit around worrying about what may, or may not, happen in the future."
(urgh ! More eye rolling.)
So we moved onto discussion of that annoying little issue that is the catayst for all his current problems, and the fact that he has yet to change any of the thoughts, or behaviors, that have put him in this situation to begin with.
Nick's response: a look of deep confusion.
More eye rolling on my part.
So, as tactfully as possible, I pointed out that he had yet to accheive sobriety for even 24 hours. Did he really think it was wise to go on 6 month to 2 year road trip (with pay - in cash) with a bunch of guys that are bigger addicts than he is ?
Nick's face lit up, and he said,
"Oh mom, I decided last night that I'm never going to drink again, and meth,
and coke, are just bad."
Well, Glory to God ! He's finally seen the light ! Y'all have no idea what a weight has been lifted from my shoulders !
(At this point, not only did I roll my eyes, but I started moaning, and slowly banging
my head on the wall.)
I didn't even bother with the whole "right vs. wrong discussion." That usually never works out very well anyway. It just frustrates him, and he ends up needing something to "straighten out his thoughts."
Anyway, I told him that a "PLAN B" might be a good idea.

In my world, 75% of the conversations that I have, are like this one.
Anyway, I need to get dinner cooking. Hopefully, I'll be back on line by Friday.

Love to all,

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Anonymous said...

oh those conversations would be frustrating! you did good to not scream and shake him !...he's really young though and thinks he knows a lot and that makes it hard to take advice or gentle direction from his Mum.

I hope you find a wonderful place to live and your internet gets sorted out. I can't suffer those withdrawls again, hahah.
No, I"m just happy to know you guys are all great.

love mel x

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Ah! The great hassle with Internet/phone/cable services! Sometimes I believe that it’s a no win battle. As, I fear, may be your son’s addictions. You are in my prayers.

Perhaps howling at the moon is the best any of us can do with those dilemmas

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you did have a say indeed. So far this year I've had no inspiration for writing, nor motivation for anything too much. It seems that everyone in my world is looking to pass the buck and blame others for their situations...usually I seem to be an easy target.

Hopefully, things out in Kansas will settle down and come into a sane place; soon to follow in my world as well.

In the meantime, we shall continue the diligence of prayer and keeping hope alive through our own good will. If there's anything I can do to help with the resumption of temporary sanity... let me know.

Love and Prayers,