Thursday, January 10, 2008

Updates and Appologies.

Hey there,

I'm sorry to report that I have temporarily lost my mind. While I am quite sure that this is most likely just a passing trial, I will be spending this evening in prayer and worship because. . . . that's just the way I roll.

For those of you interested, here are today's updates;

I have made a huge batch of cookies (chocolate chip and peanut butter -yum!) and I am currently indulging in several as I write.

Good news, Midnight has learned to catch a cookie tossed into the air ! But, only if your aim is good. (maybe he doesn't see well ? Or, it's possible that he's just lazy.)

Nick's situation remains unchanged. (not exactly news.)

My grandson's father has just learned that he is being re-deployed to Iraq (this will be the second time) in October. Christian, my grandson will be moving in with Jasmin while his father serves his country. (please pray for both of them)

My youngest son, Jake, is denying all knowledge of the whereabouts of his second Quarter report card. (I'm not buying that story.)

Both my mother, and Roy's mother, are both home and doing better.

My hairbrush and lighter are still MIA. (however, my favorite pair of jeans did show up in the laundry.)

Almost forgot, Jacob had his photo on the front page of the local news paper last week. Finally got it downloaded. (click to enlarge) Good news, the whole town now knows that my son is a party animal !

I think that's all for today. Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow - with my mind intact.

Love to all,

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christopherc said...

Except for the lady talking about spending more time with the grandkids; Jakes response was as proper as any of the others... maybe even more manageable as a resolution!

I am very pleased to learn that both of the Mothers are doing better and on the mend!

I hope Iraq is mended enough that we shall feel safer as a nation about of fellow citizens being over there in the near future, let Christians Dad know we're all behind him and thinking about him in his absence.

As for having you mind back today; don't. I'm thinking the world is a lot more bearable spot when we detach ourselves from reasonable sensibilities. Stark raving mad is the order of the day for me!!


Betty said...

Oh I hope your Grandson is ok with his Dad being over there...I would not like my Father going to Iraq either...the poor boy.
My cousin might have to go to Afgahnistan this year...and he has four small children and I just feel anxious for my cousin and his wife and kids. It's not a good thing huh.

Anyway, Jacob made me laugh. Parties are very cool when you are 13 right? and so is 'misplacing' your report card :)

Take care of YOU, you are very important to all those wonderful people and dogs and you need some peace and special time. I hope you get it!

Love mel xxx

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

That’s quite a bit happening. I could almost join in Jacob’s resolution—if I were 40 years younger.

My prayers for all.