Monday, January 7, 2008

* Refuge

Oh My, I'm feeling kind of pissy today. I just hate it when things don't go my way, and people are rude, and insensitive boobs. It's just been one of those days. Muddy floors, stubborn, whinging kids, neglectful husbands, needy, nagging, defiant, people. So much stress, so much frustration. And I haven't left the house all day !

Okay, I'm not staying here. I am going . . . . . To a chalet in the mountains of Europe. Maybe France. Waaay up high. Not a huge chalet, smaller, but older - very old. Built entirely of time worn natural stone, in hues of slate blue and gray . . . with huge beams of natural wood timbers. . . and smooth, dark, hardwood floors.

There is a huge stone fireplace in the bedroom with a softly crackling fire burning inside. The mantle is a solid piece of smooth hardwood with an ornate carved stone crucifix in the center. On each side of the fire place are big comfy arm chairs adorned with thick, soft blankets to snuggle into.

The chairs face large payned windows frosted with snow, and decorated with delicate icicles. With a view of the wooded forest that is spectacular. Behind the dense fir and pine trees, the sky is a Maxfeild Parrish blue of twilight fading into night. The moon is round and full, and reflects silver-blue off of sparkling white, pristine snow. Beautiful, fat snowflakes silently fall to earth. Everything is still and peaceful.

Nothing electrical, only the soft glow of candle light, and fire light, fills the room. Across from the fireplace is a massive four poster bed covered with thick, down- filled blankets and piled with large, soft pillows. I could sink into that bed and watch the snow fall and the fire light flicker. All my stress and tension would melt away.

Outside, I would watch as a large grey wolf creeps along the ridge line of the mountain, raises his head to the moon, and howls mournfully for his mate; all the while, wrapped in the peace, warmth, and security that comes from being held in the arms of God, surrounded by the beauty of His creation.

All better now. I think I'll go soak in a hot tub and crawl into bed now. Tomorrow is another day - one day, I might find myself in the place I just dreamed. Anything is possible.

Good night, and love to all,


3 howled back:

christopherc said...

I wish I had a magic wand to make things better and easier. All I have is t assure you that you're not alone and you are loved.

I hope your Tuesday is a brighter happier day.


roy said...

Honey I know I have been lost in my worries. But god has touched my heart and was insured me that things are temporary. I will pull us out of this mess and take us to this place you write about.

Betty said...

oh you know even I found that scene relaxing! and my nerves are abit shot this morning too, so thanks babe!

I hope you get to that place as well, it's a beautiful picture. Can happen!

love mel x