Saturday, January 5, 2008

Post - holiday Insanity.


I've been trying to get something posted since Friday afternoon, but every time that I sit down to write, something new happens. Unfortunately, it's not been alot of happy stuff.

First of all, Roy's Mother, in Florida, was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before Christmas. She had surgery Friday morning to have her right breast removed. In spite of the fact that she is 89 years old, and she has given birth to, and raised 8 children, she is one healthy lady! According to all the reports from Florida, the surgery only took 19 minutes, and she is doing great. He should be going home sometime today, maybe tomorrow.

This morning, I got a call from my brother that MY mother was being taken to the hospital. I had just spoke with her on Tuesday, and she was sounding good. My brother Mark, and his wife, Lesta, took her to lunch that afternoon, and they reported that she seemed to be on the mend as well. I haven't gotten all the details of what, or when things went bad, but she ended up at urgent care this morning and the doctor had her admitted to get her oxygen level back up.
So, I'm rushing around here trying to get my house in order, so that I can get up to see her this afternoon after she gets settled into a room. Jasmin gets off work at 3:30 and I think she wants to go with me.

I've spent the entire past two weeks struggling to accomplish anything at all; there has just been so much chaos and confusion. ( some days, just keeping an eye on Nick, is a full time job) Now, I'm looking at the last weekend before the kids return to school, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done - NOW.

So . . . I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I've just got alot of stuff that I'm trying to juggle all at once. I keep telling myself that I'm just getting all the crappy "karma" out of the way, so that the rest of the year can be smooth sailing and peaceful. At least that's the little mantra that I keep repeating to aid in my denial, and get me through the moment. When I get a moment to breathe, I'll put it all into a more sensible perspective and I'll be able handle it better. Right now, I just have to get through it, and not ask questions.

You all are always in my thoughts and prayers, even when I'm not on line.
Love ya,

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Betty said...

what's with the universe lately? it seems like things are going a bit crazy.

I hope your Mum and Roy's mum ( wow! 89yrs old) are ok... you are in my thoughts too.

mel x

christopherc said...

It seems as though the chaos of the world has indeed come home to all of us this year so far. I'm hoping likewise for some normalcy in the very near future too.

Until then, prayers, well wishes and hopes for all those things good and pleasant are offered.