Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My One, and only, attempt at poetry

I found it !
This is my one and only attempt at writing poetry. It was inspired by my son, Nicholas' filthy bedroom.


If you're thinking of playing
outside in the sun,
I'm telling you now,
there's work to be done !

You must clean up this room,
it looks like a sty.
There's no use complaining,
or asking me "Why?!"

Pick up those clothes
and put them away.
Or inside is where,
today, you will stay !

Clean up after your bird.
You said that you could.
Make sure she has water,
and plenty of food.

Get rid of those cups,
they're gross and obscene.
If you don't rinse them out now,
they'll never come clean.

You'r bed is a jumble
of blankets and sheets.
Please, make it up now,
and make sure it looks neat !

There are poker chips, rubber bands,
skate boards galore!
If you put them away,
you might find the floor !

The tables are covered
with dirt and debris.
Don't say that you're done
'til this room is dust-free!

Bannana peels, potato chip bags,
Old candy bar wrappers!
It smells almost as bad
as one of Heather's old diapers !

This room is disgusting
I can't stand it anymore !
And that's why this poem
is hung on your door !!!

April 1997

2 howled back:

Anonymous said...

I love that poem so much! It's like reading a Dr Suess story book :)

Yes, I fear my daughter is pretty much following that path of messiness. My boys are messy with their toys but my girl is messy with cups and empty wrappers and game pieces and shoe boxes and make up and oh, papers galore.
So yeah, I loved the imagery...

thanks for my smile today,

love mel

Anonymous said...

And now we add the title of poet to the long list of painter, rock artist, sketcher, and artist at large. Just one more reason to treasure your angelic presence in our lives of blogdom among those saintly smile makers that complete our longing for happy thoughts.