Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hey there,

I woke up to a dark, cold, drizzly day. I just wanted to pull the covers up to my chin and sleep all day. I almost did. You don't even want to know what this weather has done to my dainty auburn tresses. I don't know, maybe it's not the weather, maybe I've just got so much stress that even my hair is fried. Can stress fry your hair ? I'll have to ask Jasmin.

Anyhow, I managed to make it through the day. Roy came home a little early to take the kids and I to see a house in Parkville that he did some work on a couple of weeks ago. It's for rent, and. . . . I guess it's okay. It's got some really nice things that I like. A huge back yard with a two car garage. It also has a dinning area, which is one of the things on my wish list. However, the bedrooms and kitchen are small, and it only has one bathroom. The neighborhood seems good - lots of kids. It could work.

Unfortunately, the guy who showed the house is not the owner. The house belongs to his brother, who is blind. He will have to talk with him and get back to us tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm going to see if I can get a hold of Tina tomorrow, (our land lord's rental person) and see if I can work something out. I really don't like dealing with her, but I REALLY do not want to take Jake out of school and move him, when we only have four months left on our lease. Whatever they have planned for this property, it can wait four months.

Anyway, as we were driving to Parkville this evening, the rain changed over to snow. We now have about an inch of the white stuff, and it's still coming down. The dogs are making me crazy with their in and out routine. Out to play and roll around, back inside to warm up, then back out. . . They are worse than the kids ! At least it gives them something to focus on besides Princess.

Yes, it's that time of the season for her - UGH !!! And no, I haven't gotten the boys fixed yet. It's a good thing that she's such a mean little bitch ! She won't have anything to do with these monster doggie boys. She has been seeking comfort and refuge with Angel this week. Angel is such a nurturing soul, she lets her snuggle beside her and growls at the guys if they get too close. Of course, if Angel is somewhere else, Princess has no problem defending herself. I'm just tired of all the crying from the boys - what boo-babies ! Princess is saving herself for the right dog - her prince. It just scares me to think of what kind of dog would actually tolerate her crap. She is like the canine equivalent of Roseanne Barr with PMS.

Oh my Gosh, I am so tired of all this insanity. Part of me just wants to escape to somewhere quiet and peaceful, but my heart knows that there can be no happiness without all the people who make me crazy - my family. I am such a sick, twisted person.

I just made a batch of pumpkin muffins. They're SO yummy with honey-nut cream cheese on top ! Not exactly healthy, but it could be worse. I could eat the whole batch. I could, but I won't. Even if I did, I'd never admit to it.

Okay, I'm just rambling now. I need to get myself to bed.
Good night.

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Betty said...

take care my friend. hang in there chook, is what I would say if you were here and hand you a cup of tea and a few tim tam biccies!

love ya,

mel xxx

christopherc said...

As we discussed previously, chances are things will all work out as they are intended and in the right and proper manner. That's the beauty of having a higher power in charge, our life is filled with the manna from heaven to demonstrate how much we are loved by God.

Stand fast in your faith, hold onto the joy of your life for the future promises to be bright and lovely with the dawn of a new day just beyond this bleak, dark midnight you're going through at the moment.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I could use a pumpkin muffin right now. I could also use a cat with a better memory: he claws at me to open the door for him, then when he realizes how could it is outside, refuses to go out only to repeat the same drill 30 minutes later. Silly cat!