Sunday, January 6, 2008

* Why do fools fall in love ?

Hey there,

Well, I went to go see my mom today. I have concluded that this woman is crazy. According to her, she became seriously distressed over her breathing on Friday. She came home from work and sat in her big comfy bed room chair, where she sits to read her paper and do the crosswords, and stayed there all night. Why ? Because she was completely unable to breathe when she laid down in bed, and she was waiting for the urgent care to open at 9 AM.

It seems to me, that if a person is unable to breathe, they would either go to the emergency room, or call someone to take them - not my mom. She sat there trying to breathe until 9 AM, then drives HERSELF to urgent care ! I asked her how she managed to get there with such a low oxygen level ?

Her response, "I took two deep puffs off my inhaler, jumped in the car and drove there."

Then she added, "Oh yeah, I smoked two cigarettes on the way there, and then two cigarettes on my way to the hospital, because I knew that they wouldn't let me smoke when I got there."

I just shook my head and sighed. I know that she's just waiting to be released tomorrow so she can light up a smoke, go home, change clothes and head straight into work. She has already made it clear that she HAS to go to work tomorrow. I don't know what I'm going to do with this woman - except, to get close enough to check on her on a regular basis.

As soon as we left the hospital, we went straight over to Jasmin's house to look at a few houses over by her and my mom. I don't know, I have to have a place that's big enough for us, and alot of the houses in that area are older. Many of them are beautiful, but the rooms and the lots are small. I've got a few numbers that I'm going to call tomorrow. I'm just hoping that we can find something soon. Jasmin wanted us to stay and hang out for a while, but my hubby was in one of his poopy moods, so we headed home, feeling kind of disappointed.

I got home, checked my emails to find that Roy's mom will also be released tomorrow. In spite of the fact that she just had a serious surgery, and she's 89 years old, I worry about her less than I do my mom. Two of her daughters are living with her, she takes what the doctor tells her seriously, and she's got a fantastic attitude.

So tomorrow could become a very interesting and crazy kind of day. I've already got enough craziness in my home and my life. One of the newest, craziest things is that Midnight, my black lab pup, has fallen in love with - of all dogs - Princess! She doesn't seem to be in heat. None of the other dogs are paying any attention to her, and Midnight's overtures toward Princess are not along those lines. He just loves her. Who knows what goes on in the hearts and minds of dogs ? Midnight has always been the sweet, gentle, soulful type. When the other dogs go running along the fence line barking at some stranger on the other side, Midnight goes running for the door for protection and safety. Midnight is everyone's favorite play mate because he's just so happy and gentle. However, we have all noticed that he's really NOT the sharpest tool in the shed. He's a little slow, but that's part of his charm. He's the pup that always wants to be close to me. Where ever I go, he is at my feet. When Roy climbs out of bed in the morning, it's Midnight who claims his space, and I wake up every morning with his chin resting on my neck.

I have no idea why this sweet pup would choose the meanest, crankiest, feistiest dog in the whole state to fall in love with. Maybe, he's attracted to that little tiny head, with a sweet face, stuck onto that round plump body ? Maybe he thinks that his love will melt her heart and subdue that savage, bossy, mean streak in her ? Maybe, he's just a romantic ? All I know is that he is obsessed with nuzzling her. He approaches her with a soft whine, and wants nothing more than to cuddle and lick her face. Of course, It could be that Midnight's tongue is bigger than Princess's whole head, but I doubt that is what she objects to. It's a known fact that princess spends most of her time looking for a warm body to snuggle with. But she is just mean enough to reject Midnight's repeated invitations to cuddle. She would prefer to grab hold of his upper lip, and bite until he cries out in pain, and runs to me for comfort. But still, he persists in his gentle wooing of the little beast.

It would be nice if Midnight could tame her with his love . . .but, I just don't think that's going to happen. Princess is just too rotten. And it breaks my heart to see the hurt, confused look in his eyes when she rejects him in such a painful way. They say that opposites attract, and that love hurts, but I don't think Midnight has any idea what he's in for. It's so sad - she's so mean.

Oh well, My kids are going back to school tomorrow, and even my late night wanderer, Heather, is finally asleep. So I better get myself upstairs too and get some sleep.

Good night all,

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christopherc said...

Well, it sounds as though both the Mothers are doing a bit better at this time. That's a very good thing in my opinion; and it has initiated you guys looking at houses. That's a good thing too!

As for midnight, we sensitive guys always fall for the toughest ones to love. Just ask Roy. [insert my evil vile laughter here]

I'm glad to hear things are a bit smoother than the previous day for you. Hopefully this week will provide us all with the peace and prosperity that we seek.


Betty said...

why is it always the bitchy ice queens that get the cute blokes to drool and dribble over them huh?
not fair!

anyway, I am also glad to hear your Mum is not too bad! she is very independent isn't she? you've got some 'fun' times ahead of you looking after her :)

take care my friend,

love ya,