Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow day !

They say that we ended up with almost four inches of snow by morning. Not too sure that I believe that, but it's truly cold ! Too cold for snow play. ( the wind chill is around zero degrees) The outside of my front window has a sparkling valance of icicles. Very pretty.

Since school was cancelled, I ended up with a house full of bored, frustrated kids. Poor Heather, after spending several days writing a story on the computer, discovered that the downstairs computer crashed during the night, and she lost everything. She is one sad, unhappy camper. I think that she has decided to start a writing blog so that she can get to her stuff from any computer. To distract her, we made some cupcakes and played a game of Scrabble. (with the board and wooden tiles.)
Jacob would have preferred to be at school with his friends, but between video games and the phone, he managed to survive, despite Khris being gone most of the day.

I managed to get things settled with Tina this morning. (we're staying put until spring) With that weight off my shoulders, I spent the rest of the day being lazy - mostly. I managed to clean out the refrigerator, something that I'd been dreading for weeks, and I cooked a big lasagna dinner for my working men.

I'm just relieved that our week has finally taken a turn for the better. I'm ready for a quiet evening and (hopefully) a quiet, productive day tomorrow.

Good night all,

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Anonymous said...

I'm so relieved to find out that you got the housing situation settled and worked out! I knew your charm and wit would win them over in the end!! And now you get to settle in for some intense family time and revel in the love of your very own filial generation.

We got four or so inches of snow here, I went out yesterday morning to plow the rive only to have the tractor loose a tire. I hope I can get time away from the office this morning to get that repaired so I can get things cleared before guests start showing up today... although with the temperature it may melt away on it's own accord. Where oh where is or winter?

I hope your week and weekend continue to be on the upswing and prove to be delightful in their entirety!


Anonymous said...

Lasanga! Oh YUM. I love even the sound of that ;) maybe I'll do some cooking tonight, last night we sponged off mums and stopped in at her house.

I'm glad things are sounding better... really glad.

take care,
love me

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Many years ago when I managed a group home for adolescent boys, I was snowed in the home for three days with the same staff. I almost lost what little sanity I had left.